Ultimate Showdown 2024 Competitor Entry


Ultimate Showdown 2024 Competitor Entry Fee.

Sunday, January 14 , 2024

Please read information below.

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The Ultimate Showdown 2024, January 14, 2024


Dear Ultimate Showdown Contestant:

Thank you so much for registering to compete in Ultimate Showdown 2024: Contestants – you are one step closer in becoming the Next Ultimate Showdown Winner! Please read the Category Description and the Additional Competitors Information and follow it word for word!


Talents can be a variety, ranging from singing, dancing, illusion, and beyond. The key is to be comfortable in what you present and for the audience and judges to be entertained. Your Talent presentation is limited to SIX (6) MINUTES per contestant. (music 6 minutes Max) The talent presentation may be solo or production. Each contestant is allowed to use backup dancers, If limits are exceeded, an administrative deduction of five (5) points PER judge will be taken for each infraction. Absolutely NO liquid (other than water in a secured bottle), fire, loose glitter, live animals, confetti or any other material that will leave destructive debris or residue will NOT be allowed on the stage or in the venue at any time before, during or after the Ultimate Showdown. Any use of these items will definitely result in an administrative disqualification, Any use of these items could also result in removal from the venue at the discretion of the venue owner depending on the severity of the violation. Judges will score the category based upon: Skill Level (10), Stage Presence (10), Enthusiasm (10) Creativity (10) & Overall Talent Entertainment Value (10) 50 Point Total- Per Judge- overall 5 judges total= 250 Points


Prize Package:

The Prizes awarded at the Ultimate Showdown 2024 will be as follows: Please note that these are the only prizes awarded and promised upon winning the title of Ultimate Showdown. Other items may be added – but, if they are not listed below, then they are not promised nor guaranteed.

Grand Prize

  • $1000 Cash
  • Winner Trophy
  • Paid Bookings at:

Tampa Pride Daytime Main Stage (Deb Wilson Cano Ducko or Entertainment Committee: John Owen-Chambrone, Johnny Negron Valentino)

Miss Tampa Pride Pageant 2025 – Promoter- (Johnny Negron Valentino)

Plus more!

Additional Competitor Information – Please read carefully:

Date: January 14, 2024

Venue– Southern Nights Tampa 1401 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

Registration: will be at 4:00pm. Make sure you are on time (additional information will be given followed by Q&A and then picking numbers to see who will be going on stage first.

Music Submission: Must be on a Flash drive. With track labeled, track number, no phones will be allowed to play your music track. This will be the time to hand in your music over to any of the designated Ultimate Showdown persons in charge,

Contestants Call Time: 5:00PM – Failure to be in the building for call time will result in company disqualification

Competitors must pay pre-registration fee of $25. by the pre-registration cut-off date. All entrants, except pre-registered contestant, must pay respective cover fee (this includes assistants & backup performers makeup artist). $10.00 per badge no exceptions

Anyone caught in the dressing room other then the persons with Badges will result in (10) points deduction Per judge

Doors open at 6:00pm

The Ultimate Showdown Battle starts promptly at 7:00pm

Good Luck and may the odds be in your Favor