The 4th annual Tampa Pride Diversity Parade will be on March 24, 2018 in historic Ybor City, also known as the GaYBOR District. This is becoming an historical and annual spring event when Florida weather is most envied!

Once again the parade will wind its way east from the corner of Nuccio Parkway and 7th Avenue, down 7th Avenue to 20th Street where it will turn north to end at our new Street Festival location around historic Centennial Park. We even will be announcing the parade from the balcony of Hamburger Mary’s Tampa for more added excitement!

While the parade will start at 1PM, we will begin at noon in front of Centro Ybor with a special community tribute.




Check will begin at 11:00AM

An entry “check-in table will be located at the corner of Nuccio Parkway and 7th Ave.

Directional signs will be posted to direct you to the appropriate check-in area.

Tampa Pride staff will directed you to your area when

entering the staging area.


Unit signs in the staging area will indicate the space reserved for your organizations use.




Tampa Pride reserves the right to determine the placement of floats and walking groups in the Tampa Pride Diversity Parade.


Each participant will receive a unit number which will be the order in which you appear in the parade.

Groups are not permitted to switch assigned numbers or placement in the parade lineup.


In the staging area you will find a unit sign for you organizations preparation space for the parade.


7th Ave and Nuccio Parkway


7th Ave and 20 St


Parade Dispersal 2017

The parade ends at the intersection of 7th and 20th St.


Once an entry has reached the de-staging area (end of the parade route), participants clean the floats & disembark

All riders on float or motorized vehicle must get off entry.

No float or motorized vehicle will be allowed to leave until everyone is off the entry.

Driver and one support person may stay with the float or motorized vehicle.

Members of your organization can then walk a few blocks to the festivities..



All floats must be decorated prior to arrival at the staging area. Tampa Pride prohibits the display of logos, slogans or trademarks of any business other than the business listed on your application.


Any float or walking group using amplified music or sound equipment must support their own equipment. It is our  goal to spread these floats & walking groups throughout the parade to decrease the instances of competing sound as much as possible.


In order to limit cleanup costs each entry is required to be equipped with plastic trash bags for depositing trash and litter accumulated by the entry’s participants before, during and after the Parade. No confetti guns will be permitted.



For safety reasons we require each float have 4 people walking;  one for each corner – these people can help keep the crowd from running up to float for candy/trinkets and can help direct float around corners. They must wear yellow safety vests (available at bead stores) and may not otherwise participate (no bead throwing as they are monitoring your float space full time).

The theme of the Pride Festival is encouraged to be reflected in your entry.


All floats and cars are required by Fire Marshall to have a Fire Extinguisher in any motorized vehicle.

The theme of the Pride Festival is encouraged to be reflected in your entry.


All Parade participants should be aware of the possibility of heat exhaustion and/or stroke. The temperature on parade day could be in excess of 85 degrees.

Entries are encouraged to bring plenty of water and replenishing fluids for participants.

Pricing Packages

For Profits (Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported for payment.)

Walkers Only (For Profit, no motorized vehicle)


Walker and/or 1 Motorized Vehicle (For Profit) 


Walker and/or 2 Motorized Vehicles (For Profit) 


Walker and/or 3 Motorized Vehicle (For Profit)


Pricing Packages

For Non-profits or GaYBOR Members (Chrome and Firefox browsers are supported for payment.)

Walkers Only (Not For Profit, no motorized vehicle) 


Walker and/or 1 Motorized Vehicle (Not For Profit) 


Walker and/or 2 Motorized Vehicles (Not For Profit)


Walker and/or 3 Motorized Vehicles (Not For Profit) 


Download Payment Form and Info Package